Last week we were honoured to win the Artesian DEALER OF DISTRINCTION award. As a family business and local hot tub dealer for the Yorkshire region it means a lot for us to be recognised by a world renowned hot tub brand.

Artesian Spas originated when its founding members came together to create the best quality spas. They focused on giving their customers the most feature packed, beautifully hand crafted designed spas on the market. And that is what they have achieved. To blend with the product design they assessed peoples lifestyles and looked at how today’s world can cause unwanted stresses and lead to illnesses. With this information Artesian spas then set to work designing patented HELIX jets which specifically focus on key areas of the body and are positioned within the spa to reach pressure points, this unparalleled detail will enhance the lifestyle and health of every customer.

When we researched which spa dealer to work with we chose Artesian spas for all the above. Plus, Artesian spas has made owning a hot tub an affordable luxury by developing a huge range of spas which will suit all spaces and budgets. From the luxury

Platinum Elite range through to space saving Garden Spas, we’re confident you’ll find the right hot tub for you from this brand. Convinced an Artesian hot tub is the right brand for you? Start designing your hot tub today, choose the number of seats, jet configurations, shell and cabinet colours. Following this link and start building the hot tub of your dreams!

Artesian Spas

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