Is a hot tub good for your health?

When most people think about hot tubs, they think about the luxurious lifestyle that they hint at.

Images of beautiful people, relaxing with a glass of fine wine spring to mind, and yet, in reality, hot tubs are owned by all sorts of people. No longer the ultra-expensive luxury they once were, hot tubs are being adopted at an unprecedented rate.

Indeed, there are now dozens of reasons why you might purchase a hot tub. For some, however, hot tub ownership is about more than entertaining or increasing the value of their home – it’s about their health and wellbeing.

Sound unlikely? It’s not. In fact, it’s a major reason why so many people are now choosing to install a hot tub in their home. Don’t believe us? Here are three huge ways a hot tub can be good for your health.

Muscle Therapy

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Did you know that hot tubs were initially designed to provide muscle therapy?

The modern hot tub can trace its roots back to the 1950s when the Jacuzzi brothers invented the worlds first portable hydrotherapy pump to help a family member recover from serious injury. Their invention (and name) has since echoed throughout the history of the hot tub.

Although hot tubs were quickly marketed as a lifestyle product, their origins as a hydrotherapy tool can still be felt today.

Research on the benefits of hydrotherapy has suggested that it can benefit those suffering from shoulder and back pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, those with neurological conditions like muscular dystrophy, those who’ve recently had surgery and even help with simple sports injuries.

Hot tubs are uniquely positioned to aid with hydrotherapy as their targeted water jets gently relax muscles to ease pain.

Hydrotherapy jets

Stress Relief

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of UK adults have felt stressed to the point of being overwhelmed or unable to cope within the last 12 months. Taking in to account current population estimates, that equates to over 38 million.

It’s a national epidemic, brought on by lives which are busier than ever before.

Stress, though, has far more negative effects than you might imagine. The impact of long-term stress on the body is huge, manifesting as issues like heart disease, problems with our immune system, insomnia and digestive problems.

But what can hot tubs do about stress? Well, their mixture of consistent warm water, high-pressure jets and massage functions means that taking time out in a hot tub is hugely relaxing. Imagine a combination of a warm bath and a deep tissue massage, and you’ll begin to understand the benefit of a hot tub for relaxation.

Sleep Assistance

Sleep loss and insomnia are growing issues, with 25% of the population experiencing acute insomnia every single year. Partly owing to more stress in our lives, insomnia rates are climbing considerably.

It’s led many to consider their before-bed rituals. Many are becoming aware of the effects of blue light on the brain before bed, choosing to install blue light filters on their phone. Others are making an effort not to eat late at night in a bid to combat poor sleep.

Studies have found that sleep is easiest to attain when the body’s internal temperature drops. A hot tub, with its consistent temperatures of between 36°C and 38°C, causes the bodies internal temperature to drop to compensate from the higher water temperature. The result? Higher quality, more restful sleep when you rest after a period in a hot tub.

It’s yet another huge benefit of hot tub ownership, so what’s holding you back? Invest in a stunning hot tub today and start enjoying a luxurious, happy, healthier life.

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