How much will your hot tub cost to run?

Are you looking into buying a hot tub, but concerned the running costs may send your electricity bills through the roof? Don’t fear. We’re here to give you an overview of how much you should expect a hot tub to increase your monthly bills by and what to look out for when buying to ensure costs don’t spiral.

Of course, if you add together a hot tub, running off your electrical supply, filled with warm water and running 24/7 it’s no wonder people assume it will have large running costs.

And if you buy a cheap, uninsulated spa, costs can quickly spiral.  However, if you buy the right hot tub, although your bills will increase, you can avoid them to soar.

How much will my bills increase by?

With a quality hot tub you will be looking at your bills increasing by approx. 80p-£1/day. This is dependent on the size, temperature you keep your spa running at and electricity tariff.

If you purchase a cheap, poorly made hot tub, the running costs can end up being three times higher at approx. £3-4/day. So before you buy, ask how well insulated the spa is and review the quality of the cover. These are the two areas your hot tub will lose the majority of its heat from – so while it’s fighting to stay at the right temperature its burning up your electric.  

High quality hot tub
Hot tub install

How can I keep my running costs low?

Here are a few tips on how to keep your hot tub running costs as low as possible:

  1. Buy a quality hot tub.
  2. Get a good quality cover. 60% of the heat is lost through the cover, so it’s definitely the most important accessory that comes with your tub.
  3. Full foam insulated cabinet. Again, this contains the heat and has the added bonus of protecting the internal pipework, preventing leaks.
  4. Review your electricity tariff regularly to ensure you’re on the best rate.
  5. Keep your hot tub at a comfortable temperature – this is the most cost-effective way. Increasing and decreasing your temperature will use electricity. Plus, it’s always ready for you to use!
  6. Turn your air valves off. Your hot tub will run filteration cycles, releasing bubbles into the water. These bubbles will affect the waters heat so turn them off to avoid energy use.

In short:

In short, yes your bills will increase but the power is in your hands to control by how much. If you follow the tips in this blog you should only see an 80p-£1/day increase.If you’d like more information give us a call on 01422 414556 or visit our showroom to speak to one of our hot tub professionals.

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