A hydrotherapy spa hot tub is not just a luxury – as all our hot tubs Artesian or Softub prove! A regular dip in your hot tub is a benefit to your health and lifestyle too!

It’s not all about the party lifestyle – but of course they can be fun too! Have you considered the benefits of a hydrotherapy massage? All of our tubs that have hydrotherapy features with a choice of range models to find the right features for you in the size and price point to suit you.

Hydrotherapy is an age-old form of healing and stress relief – It is based on three simple principles: heat, buoyancy and water movement, or hydro-massage.

Heat dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation in the body.  This enables enzymes and endorphins (the body’s national pain relievers) to work more rapidly and efficiently on areas of the body, such as muscles and joints that have been strained, injured or stressed.  Heat also enables the cells to more easily rid themselves of metabolic waste, which is replaced by oxygen and the body’s natural nutrients.

Buoyancy is a simple physics issue.  The body weighs 90 percent less when suspended in water.  Specific gravity is reduced, and pressure on the spine, muscle groups, ligaments and joints is significantly eased.

Hydro-massage, the delivery of moving water to various parts of the body, is the final and critical ingredient to this process.  All body systems benefit from hydro-massage.  Stress, injury and poor posture can all cause muscle spasms and pain.  Specifically directed jets of water stimulate and relax trigger points, which are highly sensitive “nodules” in the spasming muscle.  Massage has also been shown to improve flexibility, increase circulation, and provide restorative benefits.

With hydrotherapy, it isn’t simply a matter of grabbing a relaxing few minutes that are over as soon as you climb out of the spa; you get an experience that will have far-reaching effects on the quality of your life.

Come and try it for yourself – we have a hot tub set up for you to try in private. Sometimes it’s not until you experience the feel of a hot tub you can really see the potential and how it will enhance your lifestyle in so many ways!

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