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Artesian Spas is an American hot tub and swim spa brand. By focusing on quality manufacturing they’ve created a product range that is now world renowned. Not only are the hot tubs well made but they are packed full of innovative features too.

Artesian Spas researched their market extensively. What they realised was the pace of today’s world can cause stress and anxiety. People needed a forum which they could relax, unwind and de-stress. Combating this became a priority and so their patented Helix jets were born. The Helix jets provide a three-dimensional, double-spiral form which gives an unrivalled deep penetrating massage. This Artesian Spas feature really is a revolutionary breakthrough in hydrotherapy.

If you think a hot tub is currently an unattainable luxury you may be surprised as Artesian spas have built a hot tub for every budget. And whichever hot tub you chose you’ll receive the same comfort, satisfaction, and benefits that result from owning an Artesian spa.